Breeders and fanciers of chickens accurately describe the colours and patterns of the feathers of chicken breeds and varieties. 2013 - A Unique and Rare White Egg Layer - Silver Lakenvelder Chickens The Lakenvelder is an old German breed that is famous for its unique color pattern. I’ve had them for about 6 months now, on a homestead out in the middle of nowhere. Takes time to get them to show quality but I have decent stock to start with. Most eggs are white or brown, although some breeds like the Araucana, lay a bluish-green egg, and some like the Ancona, lay a pink egg. A nitty GRIT-y guide to heritage breeds. She has at least an 8′ vertical flight so she always gets out of the fenced area. Lakenvelders are beautiful, small white chickens draped in black on their neck, wings and tails. Add to Favorites . Prices listed are for babies age 1-6 days old. While it does well on range, it also bears confinement well. Young Adult Lakenvelder Chicken Lakenvelder possess a good set of powerful wings, which they frequently use to fly about at the slightest opportunity. Egg Color: White Egg Size: Small-Medium Production: Good Matures: Early Bird Size: Small 4 - 5 lbs. They absolutely love to forage yet they are quick to avoid predators. Truly a mystery until she lays her first egg. Breed Temperament. Egg Color: White to Tinted. Prices listed are for babies age 1-6 days old. The hens lay white eggs and are non-setters. They have single combs and clean, gray and light black legs and feet. Travis J in South Texas Lakenvelders are seldom broody, very active, flighty and lay a medium size egg. Great protector, easy going, easy keeper. Egg Size. So when you're choosing your next breeds of chickens, why not add a little color to your egg basket? Day Old Lakenvelder Baby Chicks Hatching February to July. He’s a handsome boy who really looks after his flock. These very rare white egg layers are quick, active and alert and will forage widely if allowed to run. Never any trouble to put up. Golden Lakenvelders - (warning: controversy) In Europe the Golden Lakenvelder is simply Vorwerk - both breeds are the same in all aspects except coloration.Recently there has been an uproar since Greenfire Farms imported large fowl Vorwerks. This beautiful chicken was first documented in 1727. Have you been looking for affordable colored egg layers? Baby chicks are striped like Brown Leghorns , but with lighter brown stripes and a more grayish color overall. Their favorite pastime is fighting. They all like and act in great shape after a short drink they went right to eating and running around. APPROX. A gene is the carrier of an heriditary property. The good: he was beautiful, the prettiest roo we had. Lakenvelders tend to be somewhat smaller than breeds raised for meat. Silver Leghorn hens make good white egg layers and the breed is very vigorous, quick and alert. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. In addition to their unique color, they are also very good egg layers. FEMALE 4 LBS. Silver Lakenvelders are quite small at maturity, and very quick and active with a tendency to avoid human contact. They aren’t the easiest birds to produce perfect markings but the ones I received from Cackle were almost perfect especially the cockerels. They are good, dependable producers of small or medium white to tinted eggs. The type of pigment depends upon the breed and is genetically determined. Although the breed arrived to America about 1900, they were not admitted to the American Poultry Association’s Standard of Perfection until 1939.” – The Livestock Conservancy . Broody: No Hardiness: Cold hardy Personality: Quite Active and Skittish Very quick and active and foraging widely if allowed to run. The best ever, not aggressive to people or hens. Introducing the Lakenvelder Charcoal gene produces attractive, darker, resilient crossbreds. Great website, plenty of excellent info,I will be ordering from you soon. They are a lightweight active breed that is well adapted to free-ranging. The hen is pretty and the two idiot roosters are just plain mean. Egg color -Good producer of white eggs. Barnevelders have a decent egg production, with one hen laying about 180 eggs per year. Females have a salmon colored breast and silver-gray neck, back and wings. The Silver Lakenvelder is a beautiful variety that attracts a lot of attention because of its unique color pattern. Imagine the excitement of peering into your nesting boxes and finding a rainbow of different colored eggs every day. They are very self efficient, a falcon swooped down to grab a roo, they seen him coming and ran into the brush. Got these special for my granddaughter. The Lakenvelder is a unique and rare breed that would add interest to any flock, all while producing lots of eggs for the table. I’m gonna put em in a pot and let em fight with the onions and carrots as soon as they are worth plucking. #43-105. Each cell has 2 copies of each type of chromosome, 1 copy from each parent, the so called chromosome pair; exceptions are the sex chromosomes (with mammals X and Y, with birds Z … The Lakenvelder is a unique and rare breed that would add interest to any flock, all while producing lots of eggs for the table. There are more than 60 breeds of chickens recognized by the American Poultry Association and hundreds of other chicken breeds that have been developed worldwide — many of whom lay gorgeous eggs in a rainbow of hues ranging from white to cream, … Cackle Hatchery® has the Silver Lakenvelder variety of this breed of chicken. APPROX. I’d take 50 more of him. Breed Colors/Varieties. Lakenvelders, sometimes called silver lakenvelders, are a small, black and white breed of chicken, classified as a threatened breed. If they take on a Cochin or Brahma they team up and stand shoulder to shoulder and whip all who can’t run fast enough. They are noted for egg production and are great foragers, very active, and vary wary. They are a lightweight active breed that is well adapted to free-ranging. As such, the area became the hub of the poultry industry in the early twentieth century.The area was known for supplying eggs to Europe and the egg supply market was huge. The Lakenvelder or Lakenfelder is a breed of domestic chicken from the Nordrhein-Westfalen area of Germany and neighbouring areas of the Netherlands. Purpose - Ornamental layer Weight: Female-4 lbs Male-5 lbs Add to cart to see quantity discounts at 25, 50 and 100 chicks. Abroad there are several other varieties of Lakenvelders bred, but domestically Silver is the only variety (pictured below). Gold are known in Germany as Vorwerk, the rest of EU as Golden Lakenvelder and the Netherlands/Dutch have a very rare almost extinct version called "Blue Marked" Lakenvelder. The Lakenvelder is a flighty breed that is a good forager if allowed to free range. They’re not the best egg layers but sure add character and beauty to your flock. Roosters are reasonably calm which is why they are still around and the hen is a very active girl. They lay medium to large porcelain white eggs They lay 130 – 170 eggs per year They will lay consistently throughout the year although egg production may slow down during the colder months They start to lay eggs from around 22 weeks old. Characteristics of the breed are black head, collar, and tail, white body, white skin and slate colored legs. Recognized Varieties: Silver I have enjoyed raising the Lakenvelders. This is a list of the terms used in this context. It was frightening. Needless to say he became dinner last Saturday. I had Cowboy, MH Lakenvelder rooster for six years. An awesome free ranger.9 The bad: he was a massive jerk. It has a small 4-5 pound body and is a good layer of small to medium a white or cream eggs. The Lakenvelder is a unique and rare breed that would add interest to any flock, all while producing lots of eggs for the table. Characteristics: Good foragers, can be flighty. Very flighty, can fly up 7ft and get out of via a small 6 inch hole. Two are Roosters and one pullet. I had raised lakenvelders many years ago. ... American: Golden Lakenvelder. Egg Size: Medium. Poultry Price might be higher upon pick up. 280 MEDIUM EGGS/YEAR | EGG COLOR: WHITE | MATURE WT: MALE 5 LBS. Chicken Breed Information - Lakenvelder - These Dutch birds are thought to be named after the town of Lakenvelt, but they were developed in Germany. Lakenvelder Chicken Also known as “Shadow on a Sheet,” Lakenvelder chickens are as beautiful as they are useful. Participant Lakenvelders are a relatively small, light-boned breed. Silver Lakenvelder Chickens for Sale at, safely shipping as few as three silver lakenvelder chicks Click link for details: Vaccination Policy, National The name Lakenvelder is referred to as meaning white spread over a black field. The sharp contrast of black and white feathers makes them an interesting bird to have and admire. Improvement He is not at all aggressive, less vocal than some other breeds I’ve had, and a good forager. The neck, saddle, and tail feathers of the Lakenvelder are black, while the wings, back, and breast are white. Beautiful birds and on the smart side for a chicken.. Lakenvelders are striking birds that free range successfully. Still have a sweet Lacken hen in our flock and she’s a real beauty. Sign up with your email address to receive news and updates. The Lakenvelder name means “white spread over a black field”, which makes perfect sense if you’ve seen the chicken. Silver Lakenvelders chickens are currently the most popular color after, of course the standard white and black. Production: You can expect between 130-170 medium-sized eggs from each Lakenvelder hen. Haven’t lost any due to predators. He actually would come across the yard just to hunt them down. Plan Don’t want a whole flock of them tho unless you have fencing for a Giraffe. FEMALE 4 LBS. I’d highly recommend this breed. There is only one color variation of the gorgeous Lakenvelder, the Silver Lakenvelder. Cackle Hatchery® has the Silver Lakenvelder variety of this breed of chicken. Medium. They are calm and docile, not aggressive with the other chickens. 20 févr. This breed was originally bred for its egg production but is kept now mostly for its beautiful plumage, active nature, and as an exhibition birds. They are only 2 months old so I’m not sure how they will treat the hens but I’m not gonna find out. This breed was first exhibited in England in 1902 and was admitted to the American Standard of Perfection in 1939. Lays a small to med off white egg,,on the steps to the barn loft. Market Weight: 3.5 - 4 lbs. Egg Color: White or Tinted: Egg Size: Medium: Egg Productivity: Medium: Feathered Legs: No: Rarity: Rare: Varieties: Silver Lakenvelder (black white black, blue white blue, brown white brown are being created) Miss him. Silver Laced Wyandotte: Egg Production, Temperament and More… Posted by The Happy Chicken Coop on August 10, 2017 Posted In: Breeds The creation of the Wyandotte breed came about from the desire to have a chicken breed that was suitable as an ‘all-rounder’ – … When they have everybody punked they turn on each other. They are very hardy little birds. Basics: A locus is the location of a gene on it's chromosome. Got 3 of these strait run with our order we placed back in May. A chromosome is the vehicle/carrier of the genes. Prices go up $2 per week to cover the cost of feed and electricity. MATURE WT: MALE 5 LBS. The Lakenvelder chicken breed dates back to the 1830’s in Germany. The Silver Lakenvelder is a small breed of chicken that is not good for quality meat production, but they are fairly decent layers of medium-sized white or tinted eggs. The name is referred to as “a shadow under a sheet.”. Our chicks made it yesterday. EGG COLOR: WHITE. Small. The black and white feathers on their necks flare out and they mean business. Different Varieties - Silver Lakenvelder - in America we acknowledge Silver Lakenvelders only in the APA standards. – December 11, 2016, Got 5 from Cackle almost 2 years ago and they were nice, small beautiful chickens in our free-range pasture. Silver are known as just Lakenvelder. Their active, flighty nature seems vital to this rather small dual purpose breed. Hens sometimes roosted in the trees and our 1 rooster was such a handsome and faithful shepherd of the other hens of various breeds and crowed with a nice clean voice–he recently died protecting our hens from a stray dog–doing his job to the end. England wanted brown shelled eggs at tha… Got three of these in a hatchery surprise. California White chicks have single combs and are pale yellow with a few black spots. – November 20, 2015. The roosters are handsome and seem quiet compared to the other breeds I have. This rare breed is a non-setter. White. The pattern gives them a belted look similar to Dutch Belted cattle and Hampshire hogs. Egg Production. They have a very distinct and unique feather with a strongly contrasting black-on-white pattern. California Whites are an efficient white egg layer that was developed in the 1950's at Dryden Poultry Breeding Farms in California by crossing California Gray males with White Leghorn females. They're very rarely kept in the U.S., but those who do keep them do so as pets, for eggs and show only. Silver Lakenvelders are shy with humans and not aggressive with other … At Cackle Hatchery®, our egg-laying chicken hatchery offers several options, including the Easter Egg Chicken and the Black Ameraucana Chicken.Below you will find information about these colored egg-laying breeds and the others chicken species we have available. Order now for estimated delivery by February 13, 2021. Love my Lakenvelder roo. The Silver Lakenvelder is a single comb, clean legged variety that originated in Germany. Illustrations by Diane Jacky. Hilltop Farms , Corona, 92883, CA, United States. Flighty,Bears confinement well,Shy. 3. While there are breeds with higher egg production, Barnevelders are well known for the fact they are good at laying eggs even during winter. The hen is a pretty good layer, the eggs are small and off white in color. A particular chicken will only lay one color egg her entire life, but each Easter Eggers could lay a different color egg for you. John, Texas July 2010 Temperament: Active. Lakenvelder chickens were first shown in England in 1902, shortly after their arrival in that country. ** IF YOU BUY ANY BIRDS FROM US YOU HEREBY AGREE TO OUR POLICY **, If you need to purchase more then 20 chicks please contact us for bulk pricing. The colour of eggshells is the result of pigments being deposited during egg formation within the oviduct. We had a lakenvelder rooster out of our happy cackle. Primary use: eggs Many chicken breeds don’t lay very well in the winter due to the shortened daylight hours. Most organisms have multiple chromosomes. Their name means, when translated from Dutch, "a shadow on a sheet". Every farm and most households in America used to play host to at least a small flock of laying hens – doing so was, after all, part of the program for feeding one’s family. Silver Lakenvelder chicks have a white head, chest and wing tips while the remainder of the down is black. Egg Color. Silver Lakenvelders are beautiful, dual purpose birds and the hens do not tend to be broody. He tasted pretty good atleast. Eggs: They are very good egg layers. The Lakenvelder chicken breed dates back to the 1830’s in Germany. These are one of the most beautiful in appearance of any of our rare varieties with their striking black and white markings and slate colored legs. He would chase down my young daughters and spur them. Silver lakenvelder: black white black;blue white blue;brown white brown are being created.Buff white buff are being created but it is not a lakenvelderpattern genetically. The color of eggs has little effect on nutritional value, although a lot of egg eaters prefer brown eggs. Despite being a relatively recent addition to the chicken family, the exact genetic make-up of this lovely bird is a bit murky.The town of Barneveld, east of Utrecht, is home to a large agricultural college specializing in poultry. This breed was first exhibited in England in 1902 and was admitted to the American Standard of Perfection in 1939. 280 MEDIUM EGGS/YEAR. Also known as “Shadow on a Sheet,” Lakenvelder chickens are as beautiful as they are useful.