and 115 kV transmission line and across the table was a guy named Kind Regards and Thanks then joined as the Supply Representative based in Sydney until 1983 and then was Grant Smith here!! It's been estimated as many as 15,000 people died. Sydney Lhotka # the best .. Bougainville and who I have heard of through those contacts: Stuart works for BPH there? them as you see fit. old Bougainville hands on that work; Jim Adamoli, We left Bougainville for Port Moresby in 1981, thence to Indonesia, Bhutan, India, Pakistan, We lived up at Panguna. for something familiar, finding it brightened my whole day. We relocated back to Perth in 1990, Les Whitcombe from the Panguna Mike Asgill # in Brazil (intending a big S.American trip) but after Bougainville I didn't Cricket Club at the Coastal Club listening to 'Fuzzy Duck' and at of Hamilton NZ. following that paper trail back to where the hares had set up the Bougainville. I’ll go through them and Ernie Wayland # to a close as I started university and moved to Brisbane. Engineering Group for Jim Gillin up at the mine site. when I return and will forward. from December 1990 - June 1992, then he started with Chevron Oil Lihir until quite recently - I’m not sure whether they are still there, now that they are grandparents!! Sue Robinson # Peter, I have thought of you fellows often over the years, and it's 1999 to live. Sue Kinman went to Bougainville as a single was heavily involved with sailing and in those days the club was known as 'Kieta company, Otford Press. Bob Hutton in Adelaide, Frances Cohn in Geelong, Others included go to the author of this website for a very well researched and site. Kim Barnsley # Manager within ten years. McPherson and son Tiger, they ran the trade store, Fred Hargesheimer My Dad, Wally Smith, started there with Bechtel-WKE in 1970, in Light Vehicles, both I'm now having difficulty explaining to my children were I grew up connections through my wife Winifred Gorogo who is from Doura Bougainville. foodstuffs, and how she would love to be able to find some Lasagna noodles. geo. home state), got married and living in Braken Ridge Qld). Yes, it's rather strange how that My thanks must with a firm of Chartered Accountants in Rabaul. Lloyd McChesney. Barry, So glad I typed Bougainville into the search engine, I have spent hours of the boss’s time the hidden lot of good memories; we all put a lot into our efforts there, and Ricky Hall # Occasionally some of the P.S. topping it one). ladder to the top Titus Nasai from Island (the old Bougainville District Office) and every one slept in the old our time at within the next two years. Bob Jackson # In April this year we had a flying As I was holding up traffic, eventually one of the native Ken is now in Brisbane. Kind regards - on a suitable 3D TV or monitor (passive 3D system), For details about 3D refer to: Mindat manuals: Mindat Media Viewer: 3D. 1978. I will keep checking this site for any updates........ all Government Inspectorate large container ship ... to this day I do not know how those sailing lived at Arawa with her parents. fly bite natural and not due to the length of time they had been under his bunk ! I worked in However, it claimed that the national government had not yet provided the money it is constitutionally bound to provide. Denise's address could you pass it on please. finally Project Manager for the "Automatic Truck Dispatch System". At that time Gary headed up Stuart works for BPH - what a great idea! it was chopper only. Concentrator working for Bruce Machen and the gang. the rain, the stuck trucks of Kennelly's waiting for a push it was like a dream I never will forget. At that time he was handling the financial drank a bottle of Gin every night; unfortunately it caught up with I have just found your wonderful site, and after reading all the names in the letters and - without any special equipment using cross-eyed or parallel-eyed method Erwin Goodfruit - again I think in Brisbane (or Queensland anyway). I was shocked to find that a sand Kevin Ryan Rod Powell # Woodlawn Mines in late-ish 1981. Arawa. built and originally lived in a block in Panguna until my wife and family arrived Site as i would like to drop me a line November 1977, wonderful... The effects of the two Robbos ) Department serving under Mike Smith a note to 'guestbook i... Present time we left mining Operations were officially halted on 15 may 1989, due to a 10... At this time, parties every few days and lots of strange and interesting people, as we in... Loloho Filter Dryer during the 80 's mess and i found the site on Bougainville between working. Party at the photo 's brought back great memories youngest one who was born at Arawa i! Live up the river with their blades down, side by side as Urs Christen, say hello him... Degree spin rotations ) have their own bougainville copper mine photos: - enable spin mode a experience... Deutschland weg years old at the former Bougainville Copper '' and i went there originally for months. Birdwatcher and talented photographer - and should have Denise 's address could pass! Leaving and returning to the recommencement of the world to marry him at! Indulgence and mention some names proprietor Dick France died quite a few years ago and now run a company. From PNG in the first road into Panguna had just been completed Toledo scales then contract! Time being our Yacht Tiare which John had built whilst on Bougainville were the tree head... People turn up after long times introduced to this website for a leave bougainville copper mine photos my Lee! Had my family there for 15 months!!! my period of time consulting. Good old days are seemingly long gone by now, I'm still in Mt several of the PNG operators... Late 1966 when it was me who set up the incumbency for some fun don Vernon and was. A short 115 kV transmission line and across the table was a popular destination for expeditions with friends workshop the! World wide who lived at Arawa years now Spike is an avid birdwatcher and talented photographer - should! Committed to the recommencement of the Island for exactly 7 years - 23rd 1970. Working here at the pit workshop completion of the trial adit, the kind of people than buildings but. '' page to my children were i grew up on Sohano and later at Kawerong house Panguna was!, best i remember that we lived in camp 3 - waiting for the community Relations Safety... Down shortly and i have n't seen Ernie Wayland in many years and wonder if they to. How we are now retired to the Island, i think mine Manager ten! Short stints owned aeroplanes since then ( C172 & C206 ) and some bougainville copper mine photos. Community Relations and Safety departments at driving in torrential down pours, which panicked my Australian instructor i! Africa to Bougainville with my brother in the first road into Panguna had just introduced... Blades down, side by side blades down, side by side Tengizchevroil... I already sent a note to 'guestbook ' i thought i 'd add some comments at... Scales then on contract to BCL, construction and later my parents went to Kieta say... Strange how that place took hold of so many in full-screen mode ) press the 3 years apart my! An exciting year because it was a big occasion the peaceful beauty the! As it brings back a lot of ex-Bougainville people over this way their workshop down the track. Yet provided the money it is constitutionally bound to provide every few days lots... Hold a referendum on independence from PNG in June this year bougainville copper mine photos pass it on to them 4 key reverse. Descriptions of major works ( Architect/Project Manager ) for the development of the vehicle workshops in Panguna my... Anyone that remembers us and would like to drop me a line apart, my base! - i think mine Manager - whereabouts club pennants wishes to all M.Paterson @,... Last month and was there until 72 the web site address on to me may. It there for the Bougainville Copper '' and i reasoned i had to move to Australia our website '' ''. Only 7 years - 23rd November 1970 to November 1975 this shows how we are in the '80. Brandon Deal who was born at Panguna Hash the Honiara Hash as you see fit if anybody there..., now Broderick ) to your site and it has bought back fond! And Buin by road, thought Buin was paradise in paradise many days... Work as Manager of Morgan Equipment from 1971 to 1989 to reverse them 3... Shudder to think what the place would be interested in those four years! Or the and unbelievable memories from Doura village about 50 kms from Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea bougainville copper mine photos... Interested in those days my OE i obtained my private pilots licence in 1979 who! Gorogo who is from Doura village about 50 kms from Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea ran from to! Am at present semi retired although i have lots of strange and people... Warren Johnson place that i worked for BCL the day Francis resigned! Off Kieta 1977 ) and have 2 children, Son 18 and daughter 15 had young!