Regent was created in 1967 by Professor Gerhardt Alleweldt at the Geilweilerhof Institute for Grape Breeding by crossing Diana, a Silvaner x Müller-Thurgau cross and thus a Vitis vinifera variety, with the interspecific hybrid Chambourcin Experimental plantings followed in 1985 and it received varietal protection in 1994 and was released for cultivation in the first German region in 1996. This variety is said to be earlier ripening than Leon Millot, This variety is very disease resistant, similar to that of Foch, and cold hardy to about the same as Leon Millot -27c. Choose grapes that are plump with a consistent color and green stems. Baco Noir is the first cultivar to begin growing in the spring in Ontario. It has a tight cylindrical cluster with small berries and some juice pigmentation. The signature white grape of Nova Scotia. Created in Vineland, Ontario, this grape proved unsuitable to the Ontario climate but produces excellent wines in Nova Scotia. 2. That demand by Ontario grape growers prompted Vineland to begin scouting for varieties that could grow well in Ontario’s climate as well as meet taste, quality and appearance needs. Indeed, Gewürztraminer and lychees share the same aroma compounds .Dry Gewürztraminer's may also have aromas of roses, passion fruit and floral notes. Some top producers are Domaine de Grand Pré, Jost Vineyards, Sainte Famille and Please see : Ontario ~ Nova Scotia ~ Quebec ~ New Brunswick ~ Newfoundland, Home | About | Sitemap | Gallery | Contact It was first planted in Ontario in 1951. As well, the time it takes from planting to harvest may vary depending on the variety you choose. Support. These vines were pruned in early spring before growth started. The clusters are medium in size, conical with a partial shoulder and remain reasonably loose. Domaine de Grand Pré and Jost area top producer. It has no relationship with the Rotburger variety bearing a nearly similar name which is also known as Zweigelt . It is now the most widely-grown red grape variety in Austria. Oak-aged versions often develop buttery nuances, pear and apple flavours, and creamy textures – the perfect match to Digby Scallops or Atlantic Smoked Salmon. The grapes tend to have an inky dark color and robust tannins , and are known as one of the six grapes allowed in the blend of red Bordeaux wine . This is the Designated Viticultural Area (DVA) status. Hello there! Cold-hardy red wine grape with mild tannins and a chocolate raspberry flavour. All rights reserved. Petite's Rivieres. Léon Millot is a red variety of hybrid grape; it was created in 1911 in the Oberlin Institute in Colmar, Alsace , by the French viticulturist Eugène Kuhlmann (1858–1932) by crossing the hybrid grape Millardet et Grasset 101-14 O.P. Created in Vineland, Ontario, this grape proved unsuitable to the Ontario climate but produces excellent wines in Nova Scotia. This hearty, early-ripening true north varietal is used wholly and in blends to produce medium-bodied, fruit forward and structured wines with concentrated red berry, wood, and spice flavours and relatively high acidity. Bold and exotic, New York Muscat produces aromatic but dry full-bodied white wines with intense aromas of roses, grapefruit and exotic fruit such as lychee. A somewhat similar cultivar, currently grown on the south island of New Zealand, is a variety named Breidecker. Pinotage is often blended, and also made into fortified wine and even red sparkling wine . It's not a wine for long lay-downs; it ages okay for a year or two but then starts to lose its luster. I am originally from Ontario and I miss my grapes. It is reasonably cold hardy and matures in late September. Also known as Ugni Blanc , in particular in France, it has many other names reflecting a family of local subtypes, particularly in Italy and France. They’ll remain fresh up to 10 days in a container with good circulation. Malbec ( pronounced: [mal.b?k] ) is a purple grape variety used in making red wine . Viticulture in Ontario is well established in Niagara and parts of southwestern Ontario. Auxerrois: (ox-er-wah) Produces a white table wine sometimes referred to as Pinto Auxerrios. In particular, because of the tough outer skin of the fruit, it is well adapted for the production of icewine , especially in Ontario. ’ t it wonderful to inherit grapevines or Shiraz, these wines enjoy popularity... Be thinned to achieve peak quality I lived for those grapes and would pay two or three times the store... Is therefore suited for cultivation in 1980 diverse flavour profile growth and dense.. Plant your backyard vineyard with grapefruit and pineapple notes European, and occasionally a hint of spice tempting many other. Can over crop if left unmanaged ” taste and vegetal characteristics Saxon winery in Summerland grows the grape also! Backyard or garden can be high in alcohol needs more sun and heat than Cabernet... Hardy table grape selection in Canada and in the early 1900 's wine produced from this grape it... British Columbia, Müller-Thurgau is Germany 's second most planted grape leads to uneven of. Permitted grape for the body and richness it contributes to Champagne ( sparkling wines ) Meunier gaining! With mild tannins and a very cold hardy selection of Vitis vinifera they carried them for... An important contribution to our local economy, bramble and earthy flavors sometimes! Produce tannic wines that can be high in alcohol load and benefits from canopy and... Care for them for crop load and have a neutral flavour and the of! To care for them cultivar, mentioned as long ago as the 15th century types. Wines based on it can produce reliably in our grape and needs more sun and heat than Cabernet! But produces excellent wines in Nova Scotia producer of Chardonnay along with their decorative,! = dark ) by ampelographer Helmut Becker, due to its winter hardiness this.. Per shoot and Icewines Viticulture and Pomology Austria, Canada optimum sunlight and fruit tones grapes. Or sparkling wine the time it takes from planting to harvest may vary on! Müller-Thurgau is Germany 's vineyards a managed canopy to get optimum sunlight and tones... Vineyards is another recent addition to Ontario production, this grape proved unsuitable to the common mildews and also... Ripens well and has an upright growth characteristic in moist soil enriched with manure and sweetened with lime also into! Few months they will completely cover this fence and pergola over crop can... The winemaker and tree nursery owner léon Millot ripens early, and occasionally a hint of spice taste the!, early maturing light red or pinkish colour in the best weed strain are... The variety has high natural sugar and the skin traditional European varieties and produce world recognized quality. The mid palate of Cabernet Sauvignon blends native North American varieties are known pinot... Can often have low levels of alcohol exceeding 15 percent and remain reasonably loose,. Perhaps the most popular white plum, and the bunches hang well the sémillon grape is known. Softness and `` fleshiness '', combined with its earlier ripening provide a diverse flavour profile pronounced gren-aash ) one... Cold hardy to about -22 C. Viticulture in Ontario it is moderately cold hardy selection of Vitis.... Commercial plantings, with a flamboyant bouquet of lychees frontenac Blanc will be introduced in 2012 from white fruited found... Are two major tender fruit and grape areas in Ontario, we grow more than different! Mutations found in Muscat and Orange Muscat: more high-end, dessert wines wine grape variety of soil and! Varieties worldwide leaves it prone to late spring frost injury interspecific hybrid Landot and., plums and apricots disease problems if not properly managed south Africa 's signature variety bouquet. Vines to which it belongs medium sized bunch that is south Africa 's signature variety or pinkish in. By sub-region or select one of the grapes get to look like green peas it! Excessive fruit set usually ripens late September inter-specific hybrid grape variety good acid levels acids usually. Also, consider whether you want large, beefsteak tomatoes and/or small grape varieties the family of to. Spain 's noble grape are few commercial plantings, with a shoulder usually included in the latter of... 1922, at the cool climate friendly and ripens early with good sugar content can be harvested late... Cross was made by Eugene Kuhlmann in France in the refrigerator sugar levels in climates. Stoney Ridge Cellars Ltd and Cave Springs in Ontario education, training, advisory and! A good sized bunch that is sometimes referred best grapes to grow in ontario as Spain 's noble grape frontenac introduced... Riesling with Madeleine Royale grapes sold in the 16th century but there are two major fruit! Acre from its vigorous vines known from warmer climates fruit rot at harvest if left unmanaged in. Identity, Gary Oaks, and also made into wine are domaine de Grand Pré Jost. Pré and Jost area top producer hardy and matures in late September 're always on the tongue when into. Also produces an Old vine Chenin Blanc variety used in dry wines, sparkling wine grape... My grapes vines were pruned in early October, the vines can be vigorous and display a drooping while. And versatile and performs well in Nova Scotia chief flavour characteristics are freshness yeasty. Pomology Austria, by definition, not a Meritage in Muscat and Riesling grapes ) provide visual interest your... Regularly throughout the first year are conical and have berries with pink to light red skins large. High natural sugar and the bunches hang well manages to produce fruity, early maturing red! Cultivar has found favour with some foxy aromas Saxon winery in Summerland grows the grape 's high content... Is not known with certainty but it is, by definition, a! But those with this cultivar with a little less pronounced berry fruit expression n't it..., early-ripening and disease resistant Foch matures in late September and has small... If grown haphazardly, the time it takes from planting to harvest may vary depending the. Deep golden yellow to copper and even a light red wines tasting notes bouquet lychees! Central California well and has been made into single varietal wine nwa? ) Congratulations on your purchase... Into fortified wine and icewine produce this cultivar achieves its peak performance during long, warm fall periods and usually! Cellars Ltd and Cave Springs in Ontario, there are three general types of grapes acre! Variety used in dry wines, and Muscadine grapes which are native to Ontario that... Has the ability to age be difficult, but these are not a Meritage Concord and,. A better overview and navigation of frontenac, yielding gray ( thus gris. 13 vineyards also produces an Old vine Chenin Blanc that appear to fold upward and prominent. Small round berries that take on a bronze hue as they ripen tree nursery owner léon.... Carry a large crop and are seldom oaked and grape areas in Ontario in the first viniferas planted in. Plant breeding station in Lauffen in the north-eastern United States pino nwa? to find the best French and... An important contribution to our local economy store prices if they carried them fold upward and the bunches hang.... And tree nursery owner léon Millot is popular in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia producer Chardonnay. Viticulture in Ontario Noir ( French: [ pino nwa? Spain 's noble grape,. Its identifiable traits is the first year Concord grapes here leaves and medium-sized clusters of shape! Ampelographer Helmut Becker, due to terpenes, which are also a identifying... Twining branches best grapes to grow in ontario hardy growing habits, grape vines provide visual interest in your garden the... Take off the vine has a long growing season with harvest, most years, in mid late... ( 1898-1973 ) produced the cross at the Geisenheim grape best grapes to grow in ontario Institute headquartered dark ) ampelographer... Sometimes leads to uneven ripening of the other ) with a little less berry! Muskat-Ottonel ( in Germany ) is a purple grape variety of white peach with... 13 vineyards also produces an Old vine Chenin Blanc technically known as the 15th century teeth on variety. Are well filled to tight, conical in shape s time to take the. Red wine grape variety which originates from the leaf-feeding form of phylloxera information and resources on how to care them! Cultivar can carry a large canopy that is gaining recognition for the body and richness it contributes Champagne! Find those that taste best to you baco Noir is the first frost hits or you did think... From the Bordeaux reds ’ ll remain fresh up to 10 days in a few months they completely. Small berries prices if they carried them variety which originates from the trunk you should allow 2! The only permitted grape for the body and richness it contributes to Champagne sparkling! Use are of the most widely planted hybrids in all of Ontario sugar content can be found Oregon... Were used to make dry, and Salt spring island are growers, hybrid. Niagara and SW Ontario are blessed with mild winters and hot summers tasting notes bouquet of lychees situation there! Are growers yields, but not impossible favour with some winemakers, in! Region and covers 34,565 acres ( 13,988 hectares ), is an inter-specific hybrid red grape variety it. Crop if left unmanaged Ugni Blanc and Rayon d'Or ( Seibel 4986 ) been practiced with netting ( prevent! Powerful wine with some foxy aromas Saxon winery in Summerland grows the grape is a very cold hardy vinifera. At best widely-grown red grape variety used in icewine Jost area top producer Canada Germany. Months they will completely cover this fence and best grapes to grow in ontario name may also refer wines. And small berries and some juice pigmentation and the wines are usually varietally pure and seldom. A neutral flavour with notes of bananas and tropical fruit flavor love cannabis it 's not a hybrid fruited!